The Castle Hill Primary School Sport Association (CHPSSA) takes in 18 government primary schools in the Hills Area / North Western Sydney stretching from Beaumont Hills to Carlingford.  We are a zone located within the Sydney West School Sport Association and play an active role in supporting students to follow their dreams by providing a representative pathway in school sport. These pathways include individual athlete participation at not only swimming, cross country and athletics but also as members of representative teams that are given opportunities to compete against other zones in a variety of team sports.

As an association, we also work together to provide a weekly inter-school sporting competition. Known as Friday PSSA, schools compete across a variety of sports in either or both summer and winter seasons. These sports include Basketball, Cricket, Touch Football, T-Ball/Softball, AFL, Football, Netball, Newcombe Ball and Rugby League. Many sports have either boys and girls divisions or are mixed (boys and girls participate together), facilitating each sport with junior and senior age divisions. At every opportunity, we seek to provide opportunities for students with a variety of expertise and skills to participate in weekly sport, playing with friends and peers, against friends and peers of similar age.