Both the Softball and Teeball PSSA competitions run in Terms 1 and 4 of the school year.
Teeball is offered for the Junior aged students and Softball is offered for the Senior students. Each school is able to enter both a boys and a girls team in both the Teeball and Softball competitions.
Due to the large number of schools that participate in PSSA, we have the teams competing in two conferences- North and South. Each school is placed into a conference depending upon their school location.
Softball and Teeball have 9 players on the diamond, with 12 players listed on the team sheet. This provides the opportunity for all 12 students in each team, to be rotated as a fielder ,as well as having a bat, during the 60min game.
Students have an opportunity to be selected into the Zone Softball team, for both boys and girls, to compete at the Sydney West Softball Championship.
Click here for a copy of the rules – PSSA SoftballT-Ball Rules
  Competition Girls T-ball Boys T-ball Girls Softball Boys Softball
2022 South – Winston Hills

North – North Rocks

South – Winston Hills

North – Excelsior

South – Winston Hills

North – Oakhill Drive

South – Winston Hills

North – Samuel Gilbert

2023 Winston Hills Samuel Gilbert Winston Hills Samuel Gilbert


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