Australian Football (AFL)

Australian Rules Football is increasing in population in our zone, with 16 schools participating in the competition. A modified field is used for our players, to ensure safety and maximum participation. Each team has 12 players on the field, and players rotate through the field zones to provide them with opportunities to develop a range of skills.

The schools can field mixed gender teams in both the junior and senior divisions.  Junior teams follow the Years 3-4 rules, with a bear hug tackle used, rather than the full contact tackle, and the senior teams follow the Years 5-6 rules where more contact is allowed.

Since the development of the Greater Western Sydney Giants, Castle Hill PSSA has received support from AFL NSW/ACT with our competition. They assist us each week at the grounds, providing umpiring support for the teachers. They also attend our zone trials and help with the selection of players for the next round of trials.


  Competition JUNIOR SENIOR
2022 Glenhaven Glenhaven
2023 Glenhaven Glenhaven


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